Grant Horejsi

The goal of the page is to outline what I’m working on or towards over the next year for those who are curious. This process was outlined by Derek Sivers (NowNowNow).

Below should give an idea of current goals/projects but if you want a formal look at my work over the years you can check out my (resume).

Projects I’ll be working on-
Running operations at (Honest Policy)
Launching a sales pipeline enablement consulting company (OutboundView)
Building an unbiased travel nurse resource (Travel Nursing Classroom)
Designing a (Travel Nursing Course) to help Travel Nurses gain more value from pay or experiences
Passively operate (Water Pumps Now & Replacement Parts Now) to learn and fund experiments
Online distribution of new Bison Inc. basketball hoop system on (CompleteCourts)

Physical aspects I plan to improve-
Practicing Daily Mediation (Headspace)
Working towards 197lbs at 9% body fat

Activities/Accomplishments I’m working towards-
Top 1% of Pickleball Players (5.0 Rating)
Top 100 Skeeball (Average 360)
Compete in a Dragon Boat race

List of people I continue to learn from and look forward to connecting with –
Tim Ferriss
Kyle Kingsbury
Aubrey Marcus
Jason Havey
Mike Dillard
Noah Kagan
Chris Guillebeau
Derek Sivers
Rob Dydrek
StartupBros (Will Mitchell, Kyle Eschenroeder, & Edmund Lowman)
Geoff Woods
Tucker Max
Charlie Hoehn
Ryan Holiday

Learning new or more depth with-
YouTube (Tim Schmoyer Course)
Facebook Blueprint
Google Analytics (Jeff Sauer Course)
CodeAcademy (Learn Javascript, Learn API’s)
Udemy (Camtasia, Microsoft Excel Advanced Training Course)
Recent Books (Great Thinkers & Relationships from The School of Life, Stealing Fire, Tribe of Mentors, Wired to Eat)
Upcoming (Pilled up in the Kindle & Amazon Book Wish List)

Travel I am planning next-
Live in a new state (Min. 3 Months) – Recently moved to Austin!

This doesn’t cover it all but happy to respond to any questions you may have!

Updated: December 18th, 2017

-Grant Horejsi